Hello, 2016. Hello to new friends and new opportunities and new classes! And most of all, hello to another 365-page book just waiting to be written!

This year, I decided I was going to jump on the bandwagon of picking a “word of the year.” Essentially, you pick a word out—it can be any word, but words such as love, peace, forgiveness, or mercy are common choices. The general idea is to choose a word that you can connect with: a word that can bring you closer to God and also to yourself in the journey that is 2016.

I didn’t really pick my word out so much as it picked me. I was studying in Romans the other night when I remembered that I wanted to have a word for myself. I glanced to the page to my left, and my eyes immediately glued onto a word.


I’ve used that word so many times before. You know, such as when I ask my roommate if our late-night jalapeno and pepperoni pizza has been delivered yet.

I kid.

Anyway, it’s not a new word to me. I’ve known for years that Jesus delivered me. I’ve just never thought too much about it. That is, until all at once, I did think about it.

I put my Bible down on my bed and pulled out my phone, curious as to what exactly delivered means.

Delivered means to “bring or hand over to the proper recipient.” It can also mean to provide something that is promised or expected, to save, rescue, or set free from, or even to surrender someone or something.

My heart was overwhelmed as I read the various ways to describe the word delivered. In every definition, I saw Jesus.

Jesus was handed over to death, back to the Father, where my heart belongs. He is my proper recipient. Jesus provides for me. He gave me my salvation and justifies me of my sins. He provides food for my tummy and clothes for my back. He provided an opportunity for me to go to college, and He continues to provide for me daily. And in his provision, through His death on the cross, I have been rescued. I have been set free. I have surrendered my life to Him.

In 2016, delivered is going to be my word. When I order that late night pizza for delivery, I’ll stop and thank Jesus for deliverance (both of pizza and from sin). When I come across the word in a textbook or online, I’ll stop and say a prayer. I will work diligently to lead lost souls toward deliverance.

I will remember that I have been delivered. And I will choose to focus on the redemption that I have been given thanks to my deliverer.

2016, thanks for the delivery.