I Don’t Miss Home

I haven’t been in my hometown for over 35 days. That’s not too shabby for a homebody like me. Especially when I tell you that I actually don’t miss home.

In the first month since arriving at school, I have done a lot of things. I have made friends. I have made adult decisions (such as calling a company to complain about their product…SO adult of me). I have climbed too many flights of stairs to count. I’ve walked over 100 miles. Joined multiple clubs. Got a job. Napped almost every day after classes. Watched a lot of Netflix. I have done many, many things since getting to school.

Don’t get me wrong, mom (since I know you’re reading this)…I miss you and dad and Jinx and so many things from home. But I don’t miss home.

It is awfully hard to miss something that walks alongside you.

Every time I take a step in any given direction, home goes with me. I carry with me every lesson, every laugh, and every memory I have made over the last eighteen years of life.

So no, I don’t miss home.